Le dernier Tango à Paris

Ô gentilhommes, la vie est courte...Si nous vivons, nous vivons pour marcher sur la tête des rois. /W. Shakespeare, Henry IV/

01 septembre 2006

La fin d'une liaison

"Afterwards - we were back at Rules and they has just fetched our steaks - she said, 'There was one scene you did write.''About the onions?''Yes'. And at that very moment a dish of onions was put on the table. I said to her - it hadn't evern crossed my mind that evening to desire her -'And does Henry mind onions?''Yes he can't bear them. Do you like them?''Yes'. She helped me to them and then helped herself. Is it possible to fall in love over a dish of onions? It seems improbable and yet I could swear it was just then that I... [Lire la suite]
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